Thursday, July 3, 2014

The difficulty of the reason Android OS Upgrade

The latest version of Android operating system 4.4 or KitKat has launched Google in October last year. However, it turns out the spread KitKat is not as expected.

A survey conducted recently revealed that users KitKat is still less than 2 percent of the population Android. The data is taken from the official website of the Android Developer reveals, the new KitKat users totaled 1.8 percent. In January, the user KitKat recorded 1.4 percent.

While the Android operating system is the most widely used is the Jelly Bean (4.1 - 4.3), amounting to approximately 60 percent. Gingerbread is second with 20 percent followed by percentages Ice Cream Sandwich with the achievements of 16.1 percent.

The data collected from the latest Google Play Store application, which only supports Android 2.2 and above. Devices that use older versions of Android, starting from version 2.2 is not recorded.
From these data, it can be concluded that the new KitKat adopted by the Board of Google's Nexus line of smartphones and Motorola devices only. Meanwhile, other vendors are still in the process of upgrading or creating new KitKat device.

To perform the upgrade, quoted from The Next Web, Sunday (02/05/2014), the smartphone manufacturers need to perform lengthy coordination process, either with Google or operator. This is why the process becomes long.

The situation is different with Apple's IOS operating system that can be done quickly. For comparison, iOS 7 was launched last September and has used 64 percent of iPhone users in one month alone.

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